Privacy Policy

DISCLAIMER: Newcomers may “assume positive intent” or that everyone here is clean, or "working steps." Please be vigilant and responsible for your own anonymity -- because not everybody IS. Our target audience is often naive to "recovery programs" or has found them unhelpful for whatever reason. Ask, and assume nothing in here.

NEVERALONECLUB.ORG does not collect any information about you. We openly encourage you to use an alias or pseudonym. Or to even chat as a "guest" and not create a profile at all.

In the past, we used software to "suss out" proxy, vpn, TOR, etcetera and it was necessary to entrust certain "trusted servants" with access to client IP addresses. That trust was misplaced. As of November 2022 , all users can see a special badge in a visitors profile without having access to their IP address or other private information. COLOR CODE: A purple onion is tor VPN or a proxy. An orange cloud is Cloudflare (probably using icloud+). These are NOT BANNED by default but they may be helpful to the group in deciding whether theyre being fucked with by a troll before deciding whether to engage with the visitor, IGNORE THEM, or REPORT them.

We are placing this so called power in EVERYONES hands without compromising anybodys confidentiality and will add additional badges to known mischief makers. This is the trade off for having one click anonymous access with no registration required. We do not really want to get involved unless we have a persistent problem the group cannot resolve with complaints, blocks, ignores, or just being an adult.

All are welcome, but not all behaviors: We consider targeting vulnerable newcomers with sexual advances to be predatory sexual exploitation, regardless of implied consent or statutory age of consent. We consider posting financial information or fundraising requests to be predatory financial exploitation.

Please warn us about people asking you for drugs, money, sex, and/or to "cyber." The complaints button is confidential and anonymous, we have to get rid of people who are here for these reasons. The other person CANNOT see your complaint or our response.

For issues of venue and jurisdiction, is incorporated in the United States as the Never Alone Alano Club Corporation of Wisconsin

Some content uploads are subject to AI based or manual  moderation from and/or other outside labor for pornography , child sex exploitation or harm materials.

We have a "friend" system, you need to add each other as friends, in order to message each other.

We are not professional counselors and our website is intended for peer to peer support, we do not monitor , greet, or provide staff(other than responding to issues submitted through the complaints button).

There is no guarantee of 24 hour or “crisis” coverage here, nor warranty to the quality of any advice or experience offered by the public here.

Private messages are only semi-private and subject to review when initiated by a complaint from one party to the conversation using the “compaints” applet or under good faith exception to Wisconsin Stat. Ann. § 968.31 (West 2011) where messages are flagged as pornographic or child exploitation materials being exchanged through our website.

We have all said things behind someone's back that we would not say to their face. This , and people's back and forth banter, is not the purpose of the AI or moderation policies here. Please refrain from nuisance / frivolous usage of the complaint button for people who are not breaking our rules or disrupting a meeting, you may “block” or “unfriend” them to stop their messages.

We do not mediate personal disputes that our rules do not address.

Please be mindful that others may not respect your confidentiality and share screen captures of your public and private messages.


We consider it impolite and intrusive to the integrity of the group — and to everyone’s privacy here — to give a probation officer or sober house manager (etc) transcripts or screenshots of our intimate discussions here without our knowledge. We will not talk to such entities or confirm or deny that such exhibits , alleging meeting participation , are genuine.

As mentioned above, our "never alone" room can be read by the public without logging in -- so screen captures or transcripts do not mean that person entered the chat, participated, or even so much as said hello to us.

Thank you for respecting our safety and shelter. offers a $2500 USD reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of United States based individuals who deface it or engage in prolonged denial of service and other coordinated attacks against it.