Instructions for using "third party" clients:

Android users can use "AndChat" for free using the settings below. Unfortunately your best options for Apple devices are TheLounge (which we host at and have to create an account for you on), or IRCCloud (which anyone can sign up for and configure). You can also use third party desktop clients like mIRC, HexChat, irssi, etc:
Mobile App/Desktop Client Settings
Channel(s): #nachatroom, #nachat, #neveralone
Port: 6697/Secure Port

Instructions for using the IrcCloud App

If you have NEVER used IRCCloud before, then Download IRCCloud for Android or iPhone from their app store.

  • Create an account and verify your email address.

    Please do not use your real and/or last name where it asks for your name!

    Do not proceed until you've verified your email address with IRCCloud!

    LAST STEP: From the device where you INSTALLED IrcCloud, you should be able to click any of the three buttons below to add rooms 1 and 2, (or the unaffiliated r/stopdrinking room) to IRCCloud automatically:

    ROOM 1 = Narcotics Anonymous Lobby

    ROOM 2 = NEVERALONECLUB.ORG Intergroup Lobbby

    The CrystalClear room and the other NA room are temporarily on hold, we just do not have enough volunteers on deck to run four rooms at the moment.

    Unaffiliated: r/stopdrinking room is an external chatroom that has no affiliation whatsoever with -- therefore, you must register your nickname with THEIR "nickserv" / channel registration services seperately, your neveraloneclub password does not work on their server.


    mobile app


    mobile app


    mobile app


    mobile app

    If you're not sure where to put your NICKSERV PASSWORD...

    ... or your IRCCloud is completely messed up and not joining the room, here's how to edit the connection .. and what to put in the boxes:

    IRCCloud's Abuse Team does not tolerate their service being used for malicious purposes or harassment.

    They reserve the right to cancel IRCCloud accounts and block e-mail addresses/IP addresses used if IRCCloud is used to "troll," disrupt, harass, or otherwise annoy channels or evade chatroom bans. Please report the User ID involved (ie UID123456) to [email protected] with details about any ban evasion or harassment activity along with any screenshots you may have.