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The Never Alone Club is open 24/7 for support and fellowship, for anyone seeking support abstaining from alcohol and other drugs. We meet regularly and encourage each other to stay clean or deal with life on life's terms. We have daily online meetings in the "Narcotics Anomymous" or "Language of Letting Go" meeting formats. All seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs are welcome, but not all "behaviors" are welcome. Moderators will refocus the discussion to minimize disruptions.

We are not affiliated with AA, NA, or any other 12-step recovery program however many of our members do attend real live face to face meetings and will be happy to find you one or answer any questions you have about where to find support or begin your journey. If you're new, welcome!

Meeting Format 3:00 and 9:00 PM (EST) Daily: NA Open Discussion

r/depression on reddit

We are a peer support community aimed primarily at helping those struggling with depression. Private one on one messaging IS allowed here but the moderators ask you to please ask for someones permission before you message them.

Reddit has a lot of subreddits dedicated to various areas of mental health that spark insightful conversation and a safe feeling of community. r/Depression isn't the biggest one, but it's active throughout the day with people posting their thoughts, feelings and struggles. Responses come quick and are often quite helpful and supportive.


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